Syncerus Safaris is based in the heart of the South African bushveld Limpopo province.

True African Hunting enthusiasts will confirm the quality of game in the limpopo province, we cater for seasoned veterans in Africa as well as the first time hunter in Africa.

We have a combined 40 years of hunting and conservation experience in the South African bush, we have large numbers of Buffalo on your Limpopo properties which are free range fair chase buffalo hunting, none of our buffalo hunting concessions are smaller than 6000ha which is 23 square miles so expect long days tracking these prized trophies, never has buffalo hunting in Africa been this affordable have a look at our buffalo hunting all inclusive hunting packages for the 2021 season


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the camp have firearms to rent?2020-11-30T00:49:14+02:00

Yes we do have suitable for any species you wish to hunt in Africa

What should we pack for our safari in Africa?2020-11-30T00:50:18+02:00

Don’t over pack we have laundry facilities at our lodge, 3 sets of hunting gear good boots long pants anything you would need we have at camp or will source it for you

What would a ball park trip cost to Africa?2020-11-30T00:57:30+02:00

We have all inclusive 7 day packages starting from  $2552, a flight with delta from Atlanta $1500-$2000, curios $100, small animal shoulder mount $600 shipping $1500 depending on the size, so between $7000 and $8000 for a hunting trip to South Africa.

If we book a 7 day all inclusive hunt could we add days before and after the 7days?2020-11-30T01:08:05+02:00

Yes of course! Have a look at our all inclusive per day price on our price list

Could we add animals to our 7 day all inclusive package deals?2020-11-30T01:09:16+02:00

Yes of course! Have a look at our south African price list

Could we hunt our plains game in South Africa and hunt our Dangerous game in Zimbabwe?2020-11-30T01:10:04+02:00

Yes, there is a transport cost between the camps depending on the Zim concession

Who handles your trophies?2020-11-30T01:10:50+02:00

After the hunt, your trophies will be delivered to Highveld taxidermy facility for either dipping, crating and shipping to your US taxidermy of choice, or we can handle the taxidermy of your trophies for you. Upon delivering your trophies to the highveld taxidermy you will receive and email notification as well as a formal quote on your request of trophy handling

How do I pay for the rest of the animals on the safari?2020-11-30T01:11:26+02:00

We accept US Dollars and Euros in cash

What are the best times to hunt in Africa?2020-11-30T01:12:15+02:00

Between March and October

Enjoy & Remember Great Times with us

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