Your passport to an African adventure

Start planning for your ultimate South African safari experience with Syncerus Safaris

The mystery and magic of the hypnotic African bushveld with its endless hypnotic horizons, brazen sunsets and star-studded night skies await your arrival.

hunting safaris

Syncerus Safaris promises an unforgettable hunting safari experience. We have extensive knowledge in the hunting & hospitality fields. We will give you our personal attention throughout your hunting safari.

African adventure safaris

Experience Africa’s wild places, feel its freedom and enjoy the peace and quiet. See places untouched by the human hand and reflect on nature’s beauty. Your African adventure of a lifetime awaits.

Photography Safaris

We cater for all wildlife photography enthusiasts as only Africa can offer. The uniqueness and beauty of our locations make each day a new and exciting experience ready to be captured.

The mystery and magic of the hypnotic African bushveld

The scenery and serenity of South Africa will leave you spellbound.

An African Safari you will never forget

Start planning for the ultimate South African hunting, tourism & photographing experience at Syncerus Safaris.

The mystery and magic of the African bushveld with its endless hypnotic horizons, brazen sunsets and star-studded night skies await your arrival.

Here at Syncerus safaris we offer you the unique opportunity of planning the ultimate South African safari which suits your pocket and interest.

There is something primal and familiar about being out in the wild, encouraging us to connect with nature and yourself.

So come and start your once in a lifetime safari here in the heart of the South African bushveld were you will also experience our unique cuisine and renowned hospitality combined with your chosen package, all with the added luxury of carefully selected activities to make your experience in South Africa memorable and magical.

the ultimate safari adventure

safety and security provided

highly trained personnel

What to expect

We can promise you a trip of a life time!

Our main focus is your safety and wellbeing. You will be in good hands to steer you away from any violent or crime ridden areas. Our utmost concern is about your safety and enjoyment.

We primary make use of the walk and stalk method, if you are not capable of hunting on foot other provisions will be made available. Dedicated hides are available for bow hunters. Our ph’s will be by your side throughout your hunting trip, guiding you on your hunt. Our ph’s are an important part of your hunting success, they advise you on which animals to shoot, were to shoot and when to shoot.

  • 5:30am – Wake up
  • 6:00am – A light breakfast will be served at the main camp.
  • 6:30am – Travelling to hunting areas. Your Ph will carry a cooler bag with a light lunch and non-alcoholic beverages in case you stay out hunting all day. If you find your hunts early on in the day, you can either chose more animals for our hunting lists or go back to camp were you can choose from other adventures.
  • 18:00pm –  A 3 course South African dinner will be served were you will get to experience some of the best cuisine South Africa has to offer, thereafter you can visit around the campfire and enjoy the African night skies and wild sounds around the camp.

We have a very nice lodge with a bar, firepit, pool table and swimming pool as well as many other activities to choose from. You will be provided with your own room with an on-suit bathroom. Here you will be presented with the best South African cuisine.

The lodge has laundry services, so no need to overpack.

Due to international restrictions guarding against diseases, you will not be allowed to take any venison with you, however some of the cuisine will include the venison you have hunted.

Here at Syncerus Safari we are not all about hunting. We have an abundance of activities to choose from to make your experience her in South Africa a memorable one, bring your whole family and come and enjoy more of what south Africa has to over.
    Please bring all needed medication for any ailments you might have. Please take note our main lodge is in a malaria free zone, however if you should choose to go to malaria areas please bring provolaces with you.
    We at Syncerus Safaris recommend the following for travel insurance – Global Rescue


      They are the people working to provide you the best experience.


      Professional Hunter

      Kelvin is a professional hunter who grew up on a game farm and began hunting at a young age. He has vast knowledge and experience.


      Camp Manager

       Rochelle is our camp manager with a passion for people and exemplary service. She will insure you are have everything you need.

      Happy Memories from our Travelers

      Our extensive expertise will make sure that your safari is unforgettable!


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