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Hunting Packages

We offer Hunters the ideal opportunity to experience a real fair chase, walk and stalk or spot and stalk hunt of truely wild animals in the animals natural habitat in wild open Africa.

Syncerus Safaris only hunts in areas were hunting is a necessary too in nature conservation and preservation.

Traveling information

Make Syncerus Safaris your passport to adventure all year round. Every season creates an opportunity for a different African experience.

Summer time (Nov-March) creates the perfect scenery for Photography safaris.

Winter time (March-Sep) is South Africa’s hunting season, and a great time to tick of the perfect hunting safari. However, Syncerus Safaris offers year round African experiences for all adventurers.

African Safari Adventures

Choose from the following activities to make your safari a once in a life time experience.

1. Introduction in to Africa:

The new African adventurer gets a two day introduction course, teaching them about wildlife tracking, track identification and basic knowledge in survival and rifle handling, opening a new world to the African adventurer.

This course was assembled by an expert in survival and tracking with many years of experience in counter terrorism, anti-poaching and the hunting fraternity.

2. Vulture restaurant:

Help with conservation of vultures by spending a day seeing these amazing animals at a feeding station

3. Wildlife game drives of spectacular game reserves and dinner under the African sky looking out over the wilderness.

4. Trip to Botswana’s Okovango Delta for a once in a lifetime experience.

5. Visit the Mapundukwe World Heritage site at confluence of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers.

6. Discover Africa’s serpents demonstrated by world renowned snake handlers.

7. A fishing safari to offer any fisherman the ultimate fishing adventure, where fishing takes place among’st the company of crocodiles and hippos.

8. Walk trunk in hand with Africa’s elephants. Enjoy learning on a guided tour on foot through an elephant sanctuary. Here you will be able to touch and interact with elephants.

9. Experience a once in a lifetime horse trail safari. Be entertained on a magnificent horse trail while exploring all wild Africa has to offer from horse back

10. Book an exclusive Helicopter safari where you can experience nature from an eagles view.

African Plains Game Hunting Prices 2020 / 2021

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